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Pornography and Divorce

Posted in Adultery

Hi there, The last couple of times that I have been asked to be interviewed on television and on the Internet, the interviewer has been interested in stories of cheating spouses.  The recent interview on the Internet was about how Facebook relationships have affected divorce.  That made me go a step further and think about how the Internet has… Continue Reading

Sugar Daddies and Divorce

Posted in Adultery

Hi there, As someone who has been a divorce lawyer for 33 years I consider myself pretty surprise-proof; however, I just heard about  a series of emails where a husband was contracting on line for a "Sugar Baby."  He wanted to meet a young woman he could spend money on.  You can imagine what the quid pro quo was.  If you are… Continue Reading

One Divorce Lawyer’s Valentine’s Day Tale

Posted in Adultery, Holidays

Hi there, Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday hands down, but I recognize that for anyone involved in a divorce not so much.  I still think that you can not overestimate the therapeutic value of chocolate, no matter the circumstances. A friend sent me an article from the ABA Journal, “Divorce Lawyers Tell Twisted Tales of Valentine’s Day,” essentially… Continue Reading

Gender equality?

Posted in Adultery

Hi there, A while back I posted a piece about women now out-earning their spouses.  Apparently this has become grounds for divorce in some cases, and for adultery in others. However there is always room for both humor and revenge, as this joke, which is circulating on the Internet, shows. Best, Nancy

Sex, lies and videotape

Posted in Adultery

Hi there, I spent last weekend reading Andrew Young’s book about John Edwards, The Politician.  It was riveting, not only because of the scandal, but perhaps least because of the scandal.  I am actually scandal weary right now – think Tiger Woods. The Politician is a morality tale.  Mr. Young is himself a child of… Continue Reading

Monday’s Miscellany

Posted in Adultery, Miscellaneous

Hi there! This appears to be the silly season for Monday :-) As a grandmother (and boy do I love saying that) I got a real giggle out of this piece from The Onion. Law firms at year end are all about collecting fees.  We as partners are barraged with reminders, lists and general nagging… Continue Reading

Monday’s Miscellany

Posted in Adultery, Celebrity Trash, Domestic Violence

Hi there! I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving.  Back to the real world now … A friend sent me this map of unemployment statistics (originally written by Latoya Egwuekwe and published by the American Observer), which outlines the Geography of a Recession, by month and county/state.  It is real clear that a lot of… Continue Reading


Posted in Adultery, Finances and Divorce

Hi there! I haven’t been posting as often this past week, but I have a good excuse – I’m moving after 34 years in the same house. I will be on vacation (some vacation!) this week and next, and some of my colleagues here will be helping me out with guest posts. In the meantime… Continue Reading