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Start your new life!

Posted in Divorce Planning, Divorce Process

“Don’t hold together what must fall apart. The familiar life crumbles so the new life can begin.” — Bryant McGill Hi there, A friend recently sent me that quote. I love it because it’s so hopeful. February and March are historically a very busy time for new divorce filings. In general, divorce attorneys see a lot… Continue Reading

Holidays with a Narcissist

Posted in Divorce Planning

Hi there, ‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and it’s my belief that narcissists are overly prevalent at parties. Social gatherings provide a great opportunity for a narcissist to show off and shine. However, behind the scenes, narcissists aren’t so pretty. I’ve blogged about it before and not much has changed, although there does seem… Continue Reading

Keep Kids Out Of The Middle

Posted in Parenting, Children & Divorce

Hi there, One of the toughest things to watch as a divorce practitioner is parents putting kids in the middle of the parental war zone. Passing messages, engaging in passive aggressive behavior over visit times, and worst of all, letting kids see the divorce papers – the list of ways to hurt children is practically endless.  Parents… Continue Reading

Monday’s Miscellany 9.14.09

Posted in Miscellaneous

Hi there, I have a habit of saving articles and other blog posts people send me in the hope that I might actually use them in a specific post.  Since my computer (who I think of as a separate and occasionally malignant co-worker) lost all the ones I had saved, I’ve decided on random Monday… Continue Reading

Random Thoughts

Posted in Parenting, Children & Divorce

Hello there, I find this to be a very interesting topic that everyone has a different opinion about and as I wrote this I realized what I was writing was different from my usual posts, but what the hell?! I am sure one of the more difficult issues faced by a parent contemplating divorce is… Continue Reading

Divorce and Taxes

Posted in Finances and Divorce

Hi there! Divorce and taxes aren’t quite as inevitable as “death and taxes,” but with one out of three marriages ending in divorce it is close.  One of the blogs I subscribe to is called taxgirl and I just read a very good article there on divorce and taxes. One thing to remember if you are part… Continue Reading

Who, or what, is a parent coordinator?

Posted in Alimony and Child Custody

Hi There, When parents cannot communicate or agree after a divorce a parent coordinator is sometime used to help resolve matters. There’s a very interesting article in this week’s issue of Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly which gives a much more in- depth presentation. if you are involved in any custody or disputed parenting actions you might want to… Continue Reading

Same Sex Marriage/Divorce

Posted in Gay Marriage and Divorce

Hi There, I was reading the other blogs listed on the side mine and there was this very interesting post on the New Hampshire Family Law Blog.  It goes to show how complex the question of gay marriage and divorce really is. Then my partner, Peter Zupcofska, was interviewed and did a great job setting out… Continue Reading